Consequences of Gezi park protests

Even though protests for preservation of Gezi park have officialy finished, some consequences can still be seen or felt today. Actually we can say that protests all over Turkey have started again yesterday, when 14 year old Berkin Elvan died after being in coma for 268. How is this boy related with protest for Gezi park, which were held in June 2013? Even though he was not a protester

”he was shot with 850 gr. gas cannister on June 16 (2013) while he was going to market to buy some bread” 


After his death yesterday, 11th March 2014, people gathered again to protest against police violence in Turkey. First small protest happened in Berkin’s school yesterday: his schoolmates gahtered in front of his school and refused to enter it. Thousands of people also went to cementary today to Okmeydani in Istanbul, where his funeral was held.

 An elderly woman cries at shoulders
 of police officer after violence began.
 Bread is the symbol of Berkin Elvan (
İzmir Turkey; RN).

The protests, which symbols are Berkin’s photo and a loaf of bread will probably not end today and might have a (negative) consequences for a leading AK party in the approaching elections, which will be held at the end of this month.

Twitter and other social media is full with news, photos and videos about events in memory of Berkin Elvan all over Turkey. The Revolution News have gathered some popular tweets and photos.

More info in different languages:

How was Berkin Elvan killed? (in 23 languages)


14 year old ‪#‎Berkin‬ Elvan was shot with a 850 gr. gas cannister on june 16th. He was not a protester he was going to the market to buy some bread. He was in a coma trying to survive fighting infections and high fever for 268 days. He was 16 kgs when he died today, at 07.00 am. Now the police are attacking the hospital he has been staying at and another protester was shot in the head during the attacks. He is unconscious now. The family did not have time to mourn their child before the police attack. Be aware of the police violence in Turkiye. Let everyone know about the dictator.
Berkin Elvan de 15 años. El 16 de junio fue golpeado por una cápsula de gas lacrimógeno disparado por la policia.No era activista sino que simplemente iba a comprar pan para desajunar con su famila. Durante los ultimos 268 dias, Berkin se encontraba en estado de coma luchando por su vida. En el día de hoy, en Estambul, la policia se encuentra atacando a la gente que está protestando en el hospital en donde falleció Berkin. Un activista ha resultado herido en la cabeza por recibir un disparo de gas lacrimógeno justo como le paso a Berkin el 16 de junio pasado. La familia de Berkin nunca tuvo la oportuninad de llorar para su hijo. Es necesario que seamos conscientes de la brutalidad policial en Turquia. Haz que sepa todo el mundo a este asesino dictador!!
Le premier juin, Berkin Elvan , un garçon de 14 ans a eu une capsule de gaz de 850 grammes sur sa tête, il n’était pas parmi les manifestants il allait seulement acheter du pain. Pendant 268 jours il a lutté contre l’infection et la fièvre au coma. Ce matin, quand il est décédé, il pesait 16 kg. Maintenant, les polices attaquent les manifestants devant l’hôpital et cependant un manifestant a eu une balle dans sa tête, il a perdu sa conscience. Sa famille, elle n’a pas eu le temps de faire son deuil, prends conscience de la violence policière en Turquie. Parle à tout le monde de cet dictateur.
Berkin Elvan, ein 14 jaehriger Junge, ist heute im Koma gestorben. Er wurde am 1. Juni von einem 850gr. Traenengaskanister am Kopf getroffen. Er war nicht gekommen um zu protestieren, sondern kaufte ein Brot im Laden und war auf dem Weg nach Hause. Seit heute Morgen werden die Menschen, die zum Krankenhaus gekommen sind, um ihr Beileid auszusprechen, wieder von Gaskanistern bombardiert. Die Gassbomben werden teilweise auch ins Krankenhaus geschossen. Ein weiterer Mann wurde bei diesen Attacken am Kopf getroffen und schwer verletzt- er ist derzeit bewusstlos. Lasst alle wissen, was hier los ist! Der Staat laesst morden ohne mit der Wimper zu zucken!

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