Turkish food…çok lezzetli!

Turkey is a big country which has a very diverse cuisine. I believe that it can offer something for every taste. Here are just a few typicall plates from some regions. I hope it can give you an idea what to eat while visiting Turkey.

Photos might not be as good as the food is.

Afiyet olsun!

Lentil soup. Soup is more delicious if you add some fresh lemon juice.

All over Turkey you can find a variety of different cheeses…

…for example this one with salça (paprika or tomato paste) and spices (Hatay).

Turkish coffee is quite famous drink, but turkish çay (tea) is probably the most drank (hot) drink in a country.

This is not a type of coffee but keçiboynuzu pekmez, or locust bean molasses. It’s also from Hatay and they believe it’s good for children.

Oruk-fried bulgur filled with meat, parsley, onion and other spices.


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Yaprak sarmasi – sarma in a vine leaf.

Salçali (spicy) bread.

Humus (Hatay).

Içli köfte is similar to oruk. In other countries is also known as kebbe. It is made of bulgur and filled with onion, meat and spices. It is traditional food from Lebanon and also very known in the South Turkey.

Içli köfte, oruk and humus.

Kağıt kebabı (Hatay) before baking. It’s made with red meat  (usually cow), paprika, onion, parsley, mint, salça and other spices.
Adana kebap. For all of you who tought that the döner kebap is typicall Turish food (it was actually ”invented” in Germany), I adivce you to try other types of kebap. I guess many regions have their typical kebap, so a plenty to choose from.
Home made liver kebap. I guess every city has its own type of  kebap. This kebaps are really different from famous döner kebap.
Yoghurt with jam from Kanlica (Istanbul).

Lahmacun, originally from Urfa (East Turkey).

Lokum (Turkish delight).

Chocolate Baklava- not a traditional type of baklava.  Gaziantep is a city famous for baklava.

Künefe, a cheese dessert, originally Hatay (South Turkey).

Bici bici, an icy summer dessert with rose water and fruits from Adana (South Turkey).
Rose hip Jam.

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