How to get Wireless Password at the Airports or Places with no open WIFI?

Today I am travelling back home for a short holiday. My flight is in the early morning, so I will spend night at the airport. I like airports but I hate if there is no free wifi, especially when I need to wait there alone for a few hours. Atatürk Airport is one of those places and since I will be there waiting for a few hours, I decided to ask my dear friend Google, if there are some wifis published online and I found a useful page and a post written by Anil Polat.

So according to the post and its comments, there are many easy way to get a password. According to the post, many passwords are published on a FOURSQUARE…I will defenitely search for them before going to aiport and will try if they really work.

Other good page for searching for a free wifi is a web page, where you can enter your location and it searches for a open wifis nearby.

Some airports also offer a limited free wifi, but if you change your IP (just restart your computer) and clear the cookies you can get unlimited wifi access.


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If you are using your phone to accessing internet, than you can try these two (free) apps: 4sqwifi (for iOS) and Venue Spot (for Android), which filter foursquare wifi-related tips automatically based on your location.

Also, there is good old way for a password search: guessing. You may laugh, but if you have never tried, you will be surprised by how many cafes and bars are using only their name as a password! When I was in Serbia (not at the airport, though), 99% of bars’ password was simply a bar’s name.

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