Turkish Language Summer School * Türkçe yaz okulu

Hey guys!

For all of you, who would like to learn Turkish in Turkey, here is a nice opportunity:

Summer school of Turkish language

You can get all information on the official page. On the same page you can also apply for scholarship. Hurry up, because the last day for application is May 4th 2014.-APPLICATION EXTENDED until MAY 7th 🙂

Here are some information regarding scholarship. You can get full information on the official web page: http://www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr

Important Dates
Last date for application : 16 April- 4 May 2014- EXTENDED until MAY 7th.
Summer School Dates : 17 July-24 August 2014
25-29 August ( İstanbul Trip and Closing Program)

The Opportunities Offered

– 500 TL pocket money
– Free Accommodation
– Free breakfast and dinner (lunch belongs to student)
– Free health insurance
– Free social and cultural activities

International and domestic round-trip transportation expenses belongs to the participants.

Application Requirements
a) Being a citizen of any country other than the Republic of Turkey (the candidates who have citizenship of the Republic of Turkey and also those who lost Turkish citizenship for any reason cannot apply for the Turkish Language Summer School 2014 Program)
b) Being a student at Yunus Emre Turkish Culture Centers or being a student in a university outside Turkey.
c) Being between the age 18 and 27.
d) For university students having at least 70% weighted grade point average and a proof of Turkish language skills.
e) For Yunus Emre Turkish Culture Center students having at least A1 Level Turkish Certificate.
f) Those who received Turkish summer school in the previous years cannot apply the Summer School.
g) Those who has completed any level of his/her education in Turkey cannot apply the Summer School

Required Documents

1 – Student Certificate taken from the university or Turkish Certificate taken from Yunus Emre Turkish Culture Centers.
2 – Copy of a valid identity certificate
3 – 1 photo
4- Transcript for university students.

If you would like to read my experience with scholarship of Republic of Turkey, please click here. (In last year programme change a bit, that’s why I advice you to also check Facebook page of Turkish language summer course).

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10 thoughts on “Turkish Language Summer School * Türkçe yaz okulu

  1. Hi
    This is Fahad from South Korea. I have a question about Summer School 2014. I have applied for 2014 summer school. The result will be published this month. I want to know that is there any interview for the selected participants? I mean do they need to go to the embassy to have a interview?
    Would u glad if you share your last year summer school experience.


  2. Hey!
    As far as I know, there will be no interview. I guess because there is no time, because results are usually published just few days before school starrts.


  3. Hi, i have questions.. how can i apply summer course..it is by email or by online? I don't understand the requirements i'm not a student at Yunus Emre Turkish Culture Centers how can i get proof of 70% Turkish language skills.??
    And my last question about how or from where i can get A1 Level Turkish Certificate. How you can help me… i really want to apply it…


  4. Hi!
    It says that you should either be a student at Yunus Emre or a university student.

    70% refers to your average grade at university, not the knowlege of Turkish language:

    ''For university students having at least 70% weighted grade point average and a proof of Turkish language skills.''

    The application will be either via Turkish Embassy in your country or online. You'll have to wait until the application opens in order to see all the details.


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