Eating out: Foreign cuisines in Istanbul

Food, food, food! You can find many canteens, restaurants, fast food quiosques almost at every step you make in this crowded city. Once I read that even though in Istanbul live many foreigners and some minorities have been present in the city for centuries, there are surprisingly few restaurants with foreign cuisine. I do agree with this, however I found some of them…and they are defenitely worth visiting…and tasting 🙂

I’ll start with one and I’ll add others to the list. If you have any recommendations, feel free to share it with me 🙂
Photo from Instagram
So, if you are crawing some foreign food, especially Middle Eastern you should defenitely search for it in Aksaray. That’s how we found Fez Food – Syrian restaurant. It is located near the Yusufpaşa tram stop. It looks like typicall turkish döner / fast food restaurant, but the food…it’s delicious. The menu is in Turkish and Arabic…that’s why you probably won’t know what you are ordering. I don’t know if we were just lucky or everything there is just delicious. And the prices are also good!
I defenitely recommend you falafel and hummus. In this link you can see their menu

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