Letalske karte od 99€+1€ naprej *Flight tickets from 99€+1€

Turkish Airlines ponuja še eno super akcijo na letih iz Istanbula: če letita 2 potnika, prvi plača celotno ceno karte  drugi pa le 1€. Pogoj je, da mora biti prvi potnik član Miles&Smiles (članstvo je brezplačno), oba potnika morata potovati skupaj. Ker gre za Valentinovo ponudbo, je obdobje potovanja zelo omejeno: 9.-15. februarja 2015, karte pa lahko kupite le preko klicnih centrov ali agencij, torej se jih ne da kupit preko interneta.
Nekaj detajlov sledi spodaj v angleščini, za več info pa obiščite spletno stran THY oziroma pokličite v klicni center.
As in the past few year, also for the next Valentine’s day, Turkish Airlines has a great offer: when 2 person travel together between February 9th – 15th 2015, first pays full price of the ticket and the person who travels with him, only 1€! You can buy this tickets only via call centers, agencies and sales offices. Here I’m only sharing a few info from the official page of THY:

Valentine’s gift from Miles&Smiles! Pay only 1 Euro for the person you’re with for all flights departing from İstanbul between February 9th and 15th.
Campaign Conditions:

  • Travel start date: February 9- 15 (inclusive), 2015
  • Ticketing period: December 15 2014 – February 15 2015
  • The promotion is only available for tickets purchased via our call center, agencies and sales offices.
  • This promotion is only available to Miles&Smiles members.  However, the second passenger in the PNR (passenger name record) is not required to be a Miles&Smiles member.
  • One of the passengers must purchase a full price ticket, the Valentine’s Day special price, while the other pays only €1.
  • Taxes and fees are not included.

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