May : Month of Festivals

Spring month is here and so are the festivals! You will not be bored this month!

Here are just few of them, I’m sure that there are many more festivals!


ITEF festival starts today and will take place in Sismanoglio Megaro, KargArt , Atatürk Library, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Literature Museum Library and Goethe Institut Library in Istanbul. Some of the events will be also held online. Most of the events will be in English with Turkish subtitles. Don’t miss conversation with Turkish and foreign authors. One of them will be Australian Markus Zusak.

For more info, click here.

  • DAY OF EUROPEAN UNION (8th – 10th May 2015)
7th Meeting of international Students 2014

 During the European days in Turkey, you can attend movie screenings, concerts and see exhibition about EU projects. The events will not only take place in Istanbul but in 15 cities all around Turkey.
For detailed programme click here. 
On Friday, May 8th, don’t miss the screening of Slovenian movie The Class Enemy/ Razredni sovražnik, at 4 p.m. in Avcilar, Istanbul.


If you like to learn more about other cultures, than don’t miss this event. Students from 160 coutnries, which study in Turkey, will present their countries, cultures and traditions. In Istanbul, the event will take place in Üsküdar Meydani. The event is organized all over Turkey.
You can get more info about last year’s event here.
For more info about this year’s event click here.

  • UNIVERSITY SPRING FESTIVALS (during all month of May)

Spring festivals are traditional festivals organized all over Turkey. They are known also like Bahar şenliği. Every university organizes concerts, etc. For more detailed programme, check each university’s websites. Festivals are organized all over Turkey. For more info about last year’s events, click here.

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2 thoughts on “May : Month of Festivals

  1. Pozdrav. Turčija je na moji listi must see! Me pa zanima kdaj, kateri mesec je po tvoje najboljši za obiskat Istanbul?
    Lp, Nina


  2. Živjo!
    To je pa malo odvisno od tebe in tega, kaj si želiš početi. V poletnih mesecih je načeloma zelo vroče in ogrooomno turistov. Če se želiš izogniti gneči turistov, morda marec/april, a je lahko še zelo mrzlo. Skoraj bolj priporočam obdobje med septembrom in novembrom.


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