Turška umetnost / Turkish Art #1

Tovarna Bomonti/ Factory

 Glede na to, da študiram umetnostno zgodovino, je že skrajni čas, da predstavim tudi malo turške umetnosti oziroma turške umetnike. Začela bom kar v 21. stoletju in sicer z umetnikom, na katerega sem naletela pri obisku galerije ALT v sklopu kulturnega središča Bomontiada. Bomontiada je ime novega kulturnega centra za sodobno umetnost v Istanbulu. Prostor je pravzapav star (zgrajen je bil leta 1890), saj je bila v teh prostorih tovarna piva Bomonti. Sepembra 2015 sta Cem Yegül in Vasıf Kortun najprej odprla prostor za koncerte Babylon Bomonti, v januarju 2016 pa se je odprl še center za sodobno umetnost Alt.

Dvorišče Bomontiade / Courtyard

Since I’m an Art History student, it was about time to share with you some Turkish Art and Turkish Artist. I will start right here, in the 21st century. I must say that I am no expert on Turkish contemporary painting. I’ve noticed this artist while visting a new contemporary art gallery called  ALT, which in situade in a culture complex called Bomontiada. Bomontiada is a new cultural center for contemporary art in Istanbul. The building itself is actually quite old (it was built in 1890). Firstly this was a beer factory, Bomonti beer was produced here. In Septmeber 2015, Cem Yegül in Vasıf Kortun inaugurated a concert space called Babylon Bomonti, later on, in January 2016 also the contemporary art gallery Alt was opened.

HASAN ÖZGÜR TOP, A Gift from Middle East 
I like this work and I think it deals with very current issues. From far it looks like a nice wall decoration, but when u take a closer look… 

HASAN ÖZGÜR TOP, A Gift from Middle East (zadaj/behind)

Detajl /Detail

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