Where to: Turkish Breakfast 💗

Is there a person who doesn’t like a typical Turkish breakfast? I’ve never met anyone like that, quite the opposite, it’s the favourite ritual of many foreigners. But the question is: where shall we eat? I’ve been Turkish breakfasting quite a lot in the past month (yeah, my wallet probably hates the kahvaltı, but my tummy was happily full until the late afternoon). Here are three breakfast ideas for different budgets and tastes.

Obviously, Istanbul offers an infinite offer of Turkish breakfast, depending on your budget and taste, but here are some of my favourite so far. Feel free to recommend your favourite breakfast place in the comment section under the post.

(*I’ve never been a particular lover of the famous “breakfast street” in Beşiktaş, which is often a choice of many people, that’s why I prefer to have my breakfast everywhere else in the town. Or am I missing something? Ok, it’s the place where you definitely should go for a very late breakfast and no one will stare at you :D)
*Cheap and with a Bosphorus view:
Çengelköy çay bahçesi is a perfect place, where you can eat whatever you want meanwhile enjoying this awesome Bosphorus view. And by anything, I mean anything you bring. Yes, you can bring your own food, but you need to order drinks. I do recommend you to bring your food (menemen there is not the best). If you are too lazy to prepare breakfast at home, you can buy fresh börek just near the place.

*Classical Turkish breakfast:  Obviously there are many places you can get classical Turkish breakfast. Quality varies, so does prices. I will go with Key Karaköy this time. Why? Nice service, fresh veggies and not too pricey.

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*When you are craving a good breakfast, but want something different: I love Balat! I’ve been in love with this neighbourhood for a while, but just recently I’ve tried this delicious breakfast. Eggs Benedict, french toast. Fresh ingredients. nicely served and a good coffee after. If you want something else, then Cooklife is your place. (Unfortunately, also prices are a bit higher)

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