Turkey Scholarship Applications 2018 (Türkiye Bursları; YTB)

Dear followers,

as many of you visit my blog in order to get more information about Turkey Scholarships and all the procedure related to this, I decided to share with you important announcement which was published recently from the part of Turkiye Burslari team.


There is an important change in application periods this year. This year, there will be 3 application periods for Turkey scholarship:

  1. November 2017 (01.-30. November 2017)
  2. February/March 2018 (05. February – 05. March 2018)
  3. April/May 2018 (16. April – 14. May 2018)
Application depends on your country of origin. You can find a calendar with the list of all countries and related application periods here.

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For more info about the process of the application itself, interview and moving to Turkey, please check my other posts and also the Q&R section under every post.
You can find the link here or just explore by yourself (under the tab Study in Turkey)
Don’t forget to share this post with other persons who might be interested.
Good luck!

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2 thoughts on “Turkey Scholarship Applications 2018 (Türkiye Bursları; YTB)

  1. Mam I want to ask that what would be the calendar because I am going to be graduate this year and receive my degree till January. What would be the starting date for applying in 2021.


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