In Conversation with New Istanbulites: A Bridge Connecting Cultures and Friends

Istanbul. Take a (guide) book of this city. How many times can you find words like “bridge”, “where cultures meet” “Europe and Asia”? I bet many times. The city of Istanbul has been regarded as a bridge between Europe and Asia countless times. It indeed is a place where cultures meet and mix. A melting pot of different cultures, languages. People from all over the world meet here. Once empires started and ended around today’s location of Istanbul. Even Napoleon said, that “If the World was only one country, Istanbul would be its capital”.

Today three bridges and two tunnels connect Europe and Asia. People from all over the world migrate to this city in a search for a better life or just another adventures. Many realise that this bridge has only an entrance and no exit.

I have been living in Istanbul for more than four years. The experience has been very interesting so far. Sometimes hard, sometimes pleasant. Nonetheless, I have learnt a lot. This city has opened new horizons for me. Most of the time via people I met.

I was lucky to meet and make friends from all over the world. International friendships enrich you. You are able to learn about another culture without travelling to another country. That is why I decided to make a short series of conversations with my friends. Conversations about why they came to Istanbul, and most importantly, about their countries and cultures… and FOOD.

Stay tuned.

Published by spelayla

Welcome! My name is Špela. I love to travel, read and learn. And of course, share all these experiences.

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