Week #15: Calling All Cheese Lovers

A few years ago I wouldn’t believe you, but cheese can take you to paradise. I have discovered a yummy kaymak a few weeks ago (A Kaymak Made in Heaven) in the Galata district. When I was younger I didn’t like cheese at all. Then I started with the basics and now I love some types of cheese. If it’s organic even better.

I’ve recently been to Kahve 6 in Cihangir where I had Dolu Dolu kahvalti. This breakfast plate includes 6 different types of cheese which means that it’s a perfect choice for all the cheese lovers. While indulging in it, I got that Proust moment: one of the cheeses even reminded me of a dish my uncle used to prepare for us.

Besides cheese, I decided to give another chance to salça, as Antakya’s salça was really delicious.

The breakfast plate doesn’t include eggs, so if you are one of those, who cannot have a breakfast without an egg, you’ll have to order it extra.
Besides cheese, salça, honey&kaymak and some veggies, homemade bread and (only one) cup of tea is included.

Kahve 6 might get pretty busy on weekends, so consider yourself lucky if you get a free table. Even though waiters are busy, they were very helpful and the service was fast.

Adress: Kılıçali Paşa Mahallesi, Akarsu Caddesi Anahtar Sokak 13/A, 34425 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

They also serve vegan breakfast.

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