Week #25: Breakfast at Coffe Shop

Çapa neighbourhood in Istanbul’s Fatih district is not among the popular breakfast destinations in the city. However, due to its relatively young population (there are 2 big Medical Faculties in the neighbourhood or very close to it, besides that, it is located between 3 universities) more and more new coffee places have been opening their doors in recent years and therefore more breakfast places to choose from. I have already mentioned one of them here and recently I have visited another one which is also located close to Çapa tram station, however not on the main street. This breakfast place is called Kahvemekan Dükkan, but besides the rich coffee menu, they also serve breakfast. If in a rush, you can choose a quick breakfast, but if you have time (and company) you might opt for serpme kahvalti, which costs only 45 TL (yeah, quite affordable these days) and comes with a whole thermos bottle of tea.
Serpme Kahvalti
Kahvemekan Dükkan is a quite small coffee shop, there are not many many tables inside, however, their terrace is quite warm also during the winter. It is a good choice for breakfast if you like something quick, something that will keep you full for a long time, if you like french fries and sausages and lots of tea. Instead of serpme kahvalti, you might also opt for different types of egg omelettes.
Breakfast is served every day, until 13:00 on weekdays and until 16:00 on the weekends.

Address: Şehremini Mahallesi, Başvekil Cd. No:35, 34104 Fatih/İstanbul

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