Week#28: Big yet Affordable Breakfast Plate

I don’t know if it’s is to blame the free fall of the Turkish Lira or something else for the breakfast price increase. Whatever the reason, it is not very likely that the prices will go down. Luckily one can still find affordable and big breakfast plates.

Personally, I do prefer good quality ingredients, fresh vegetables, nothing fried or too oily for breakfast and possibly homemade bread or pastries. This breakfast place might have not ticked all the boxes, however, it did not include too much fried or oily food.

Esmer Chef at Kadıköy offers different breakfast options. From serpme breakfast (you know, breakfast when your table becomes your plate), to omelettes, menemens and breakfast plates. I have had a breakfast plate for one, which costs 24 TL at the moment (1 tea included). Besides the usual, it includes cigar borek and a slice of egg-fried bread.

Adress: Rasimpaşa Mahallesi, Çam Apt, Halitağa Cd. D:25, 34716 Kadıköy/İstanbul Adress:

Cafe Esmer Chef Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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2 thoughts on “Week#28: Big yet Affordable Breakfast Plate

  1. Hi! Though it’s not related to this post particularly could you please tell me something? Have you yourself or do you know anyone who has gone to study with the Burslari for graduate studies and the five-year PhD degree and then actually have been allowed to stay back in Turkey after the degree is finished? Because during application they specifically say that everyone must return back to their own country. So is anyone allowed to stay back with a job or something? Did you stay back after your degree?


    1. Hi! I think this depends on the country and visa regulations, but as far as I know, you can stay if you obtain a residence permit, work permit or any type of document, which will let you legally reside in the country. Once you finish your studies, your student permit will expire, so you have to get another permit to live and/or work in the country.


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