Week #32: Back to (Delicious) Basics

Hello breakfast lovers! I has been a month or two since I have published my previous breakfast recommendation. In this period, an interesting and also concerning article was published in Turkish media: popular and often too big to eat serpme breakfasts are the infamous contributors to food waste in Turkey. According to Turkish Foundation for waste reduction, serpme “breakfast “model” causes food waste totalling TL 100 billion every year “. (You can read whole news in Daily Sabah.) In last 2 years I have visited many breakfast places and I must agree that portions tend to be too big. Breakfast platter for 1 or 2 people usually has more than enought food for an extra person. When ordering food, we might really over-order and like that contribute to extra food waste. In some of my posts, I have mentioned if the portions are too big or suitable for more people. Please take this things into a consideration. If we can afford paying for so much food, this doesn’t mean we should throw it away.

Cheese Seller

That being said, the past weekend, I decided to finally visit a recommended breakfast place in Feriköy (next to Bomonti). I have to say, that it wouldn’t come with a recommendation, I would probably never have found it. It is actually a kebap evi, which also serves breakfast. Breakfast might seem quite basic if we compare it to some other serpme style breakfast places around the city, however, its simplicity and deliciousness are defenitely something which will make me return. And it is very delicious. (My stomach just rejoiced when it remembered the taste of the cheese. If you think breakfast should be cheesy, than check this recommendation.)

What to expect? Nothing fancy. If you have never eaten a breakfast in a Turkish home, then get ready: plates are not something one uses, (news)paper does the magic. Freshly baked tandır bread, cheese, butter, honey, veggie plate and eggs (with meat). And tea. These are the stars of breakfast here, and probably the ancestors of now popular serpme breakfast. Breakfast was simple and delicious. If you don’t want to eat there (or don’t find the place), you can get freshly baked tandır bread, cheese, honey, etc. and take it home. (It seemed quite a popular place among the locals.) They have no menu, you order breakfast for a certain number of people and size (except maybe butter) is not too big. (Re-read the first paragraph.) The price is also surprisingly delicious. 7o TL for two people.

Adress: Yılmaz Tandır Ve Dürümevi, Feriköy, Gediz Sk. No:24, 34377 Şişli/İstanbul

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