January: What to do in Istanbul today

Happy 2020!

I hope you had a great start in the new year. As you might have noticed, I have renewed my blog in 2019. It got a new name (Spell A World) and a new image. Most of my blog posts are about Istanbul and Turkey, however, I plan to write more about other adventures, experiences and interesting people here as well. #52breakfasts project is still on and from January 2020 onwards, I will choose 3 cool ideas for activities in Istanbul (and sometimes Turkey) in the following month. The ideas will vary from interesting expositions you should not miss, festivals, sports events, and sightseeing ideas. I hope you will find it interesting.

Here are the first 3 cool ideas and activity suggestions for January 2020.

Visit Ara Güler’s Photographic Exhibition

Life is an empty film given to you. Try to fill every frame of it excellently…

Ara Güler

An excellent quote and exhibition to start a year with. But you have to hurry up. The exhibition is on just until January 7th. It is set up in a tent in the Taksim Square (and it’s free of charge).

Why should you visit it? Even if you never heard of Ara Güler, you have probably seen his photos somewhere. He has been one of the most renown photographers from Turkey and is especially famous for photographing Istanbul and how Istanbul has slowly been changing through the years. If you read Orhan Pamuk’s Istanbul: Memories of the City (you can get it on Bookdepository or Amazon), you have probably seen many of Ara Güler’s photos.

After the exhibition, you can also visit the Ara Cafe, located close to the Galatasaray Lisesi. Ara Güler lived close to it and there is even a street named after him nearby.

Boza (Photo Credit: biletall.com)

Drink Boza with Freshly Roasted Chickpeas

With winter in a full swing, sahlep and boza are drinks that can warm us up. I have noticed bozaci or boza street sellers walking around the streets again. You can get your boza from them, or go to a famous Vefa Bozacisi to Vefa neighbourhood in Fatih. Don’t forget to buy your bag of freshly roasted chickpeas in the shop next to Bozaci.

Address: Vefa Cad. No: 66; 34134 Fatih-İstanbul-Türkiye

Pop Art Exposition at Uniq-Expo

This exposition, which includes works of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and other Pop Art artists is on display at Uniq Expo in Maslak. Don’t forget to buy your tickets at Biletix. And a tip: you can easily reach Uniq Expo with service buses free of charge which stop next to Windowist Metro Exit (ITÜ Ayazaga stop).

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