One Place& One Book: Naples

Reading is a synonym of travelling.

I have probably travelled more pages than miles. Now that we are slowing down our lives for a while (and speeding up our bytes), we also have a great opportunity to read more or to remember where have we travelled and which books took us there.

I hope to share more book and travel memories here these days. Please, if there is a book which reminds you of a certain place and would like to recommend it, don’t hesitate to leave your comment below.

I would like to dedicate my first piece in this chapter to Italy, more specifically to Naples. Last September I have spent a great holiday in Naples, where one of my wishes came true: I visited Pompeii and it was better that I could have imagined. You can read some of my impressions here. In that post I have already mentioned a book about archaeology, vulcanos and history, written by Charles Pellegrino, titled Ghosts of Vesuvius.

Now, I would like to speak about a novel, actually four novels. Novels that speak about Naples, Italy, Florence, friendship, growing up, marriage and life in general. You might have guessed already, that I am speaking about Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante. So far I have read 3 of them and I cannot wait to get the forth one. I have started the first book My Briliant Friend on a train from Venice to Naples. When I returned to Slovenia for Christmas I have bought The Story of a New Name and Those who leave and those who stay. I though I would need much more time to finish them, but I have started the third book during my fligh to Berlin at the end of January. So in less than 2 months I have finished both books (approximately 700 pages).

I have decided to read these novels in my mother tongue and it was a good decision. Besides that I love the cover design and colours. Source: Cankarjeva založba.

And what do I like about them? I like the way how the relationships between girls (two main characters) is described. I like the fact that the reader has an opportunity to observe a very intimate relationship, friendship, between these two girls from very close. After the first book you feel like you are also part of this friendship. You can understand their actions, feelings and decisions.

I can’t wait to read the last book…and at the same time I am happy that I cannot read it now, because the story hasn’t ended yet.

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