PHOTO GALLERY: 1. Anniversary of Gezi Park events

All photos are taken from Twitter. (For more information about Gezi Park protests click here; for more photos of 1st May protests click here) Police vs PeopleGezi 02 Sezon/ 01 Part Police interventions #Taksim 31 May 2014 Police blocking access to Taksim on May 31 2014 Police waiting protesters in Iskenderun, Turkey Gezi 2013: Don’tContinue reading “PHOTO GALLERY: 1. Anniversary of Gezi Park events”

1 mayıs gallery

1st May, International Labours’ Day ( All over the world, today International workers’ day is being celebrated. Since the change of law few years ago, Turkish were (legally) able to celebrate this day on one of Istanbul’s main squares- the Taksim square. This year, Taksim square is empty, because prime minister Erdoğan decided to closeContinue reading “1 mayıs gallery”