New Istanbulites: Mohammad Alard, the chef behind “Beyond Kitchen”

I met Mohammad a few years ago when we were both volunteering for a local NGO. Everyone in the group knew that he was studying Gastronomy and, if you attended an event with him, you would sooner or later realise that he loved speaking in public. I reconnected with him recently in cooking events heContinue reading “New Istanbulites: Mohammad Alard, the chef behind “Beyond Kitchen””

Week 18: You Don’t Need a Passport For This Trip

Do you need an inspiration for your next travel? Are you on a budget but still want to enjoy your Turkish breakfast experience with a nice view? Then this is a place for you. Centric, very affordable and with a Bosphorus view. This breakfast place is big enough for big groups as well. And it’sContinue reading “Week 18: You Don’t Need a Passport For This Trip”

Week #10: Vanilla Sky

This weekend spring we could get a taste of spring. Finally! So eating breakfast out and chasing some sunshine seemed like a perfect idea. The road (or a stomach, who knows) led me to one of my favourite neighbourhoods: Balat. I haven’t visited Fener and Balat for a few months, so every time I comeContinue reading “Week #10: Vanilla Sky”

Where to: Turkish Breakfast 💗

Is there a person who doesn’t like a typical Turkish breakfast? I’ve never met anyone like that, quite the opposite, it’s the favourite ritual of many foreigners. But the question is: where shall we eat? I’ve been Turkish breakfasting quite a lot in the past month (yeah, my wallet probably hates the kahvaltı, but myContinue reading “Where to: Turkish Breakfast 💗”

Bursa – zibelka Osmanske države

Bursa leži na severozahodu Turčije, nekaj kilometrov od obale Marmarskega morja. Danes je znana predvsem po posebnem kebabu – Iskender kebabu, termalnem turizmu, smučarskemu središču in bogati zgodovini.  Iskender kebab Iz Istanbula se je v Burso najlažje odpravit kar z ladjo oz. t.i. morskim avtobusom. Iz pristanišča v Kabataşu (BUDO) in v Yenikapiju (IDO) dnevnoContinue reading “Bursa – zibelka Osmanske države”

Eating out: Foreign cuisines in Istanbul

Food, food, food! You can find many canteens, restaurants, fast food quiosques almost at every step you make in this crowded city. Once I read that even though in Istanbul live many foreigners and some minorities have been present in the city for centuries, there are surprisingly few restaurants with foreign cuisine. I do agreeContinue reading “Eating out: Foreign cuisines in Istanbul”