Coffee & Co. My favourite places in Istanbul.

Turkish coffee is a famous all over the world, however, çay is probably still the most consumed hot drink in Turkey. We could say that Turks cannot survive a day without drinking tea. It forms an important part of daily rituals and Turkish culture. But the coffee culture has been conquering Istanbul lately.   Coffee shopsContinue reading “Coffee & Co. My favourite places in Istanbul.”

Bursa – zibelka Osmanske države

Bursa leži na severozahodu Turčije, nekaj kilometrov od obale Marmarskega morja. Danes je znana predvsem po posebnem kebabu – Iskender kebabu, termalnem turizmu, smučarskemu središču in bogati zgodovini.  Iskender kebab Iz Istanbula se je v Burso najlažje odpravit kar z ladjo oz. t.i. morskim avtobusom. Iz pristanišča v Kabataşu (BUDO) in v Yenikapiju (IDO) dnevnoContinue reading “Bursa – zibelka Osmanske države”

Eating out: Foreign cuisines in Istanbul

Food, food, food! You can find many canteens, restaurants, fast food quiosques almost at every step you make in this crowded city. Once I read that even though in Istanbul live many foreigners and some minorities have been present in the city for centuries, there are surprisingly few restaurants with foreign cuisine. I do agreeContinue reading “Eating out: Foreign cuisines in Istanbul”

Turkish food…çok lezzetli!

Turkey is a big country which has a very diverse cuisine. I believe that it can offer something for every taste. Here are just a few typicall plates from some regions. I hope it can give you an idea what to eat while visiting Turkey. Photos might not be as good as the food is.Continue reading “Turkish food…çok lezzetli!”