2nd Anniversary of Gezi Park

31st May is anniversary of Gezi park events. You can read more about May 31th: 1st anniversary of Gezi Park events here. Like last year, the public transportation going to/from Taksim, especially the Taksim metro line does’t operate. The stops Şişhane, Taksim and Osmanbey have been closed since 9:00 am today and will be clodesContinue reading “2nd Anniversary of Gezi Park”

Istanbul low budget #2: Sightseeing for free

In the previos blog post about low budget Istanbul, I shared with you some advices which, I hope, will help you to save some money while travelling. (you can read it here) In this blog post, I would like to share with you some of the top free (or almost free) Istanbul’s attractions. Sultanahmet squareContinue reading “Istanbul low budget #2: Sightseeing for free”

PHOTO GALLERY: 1. Anniversary of Gezi Park events

All photos are taken from Twitter. (For more information about Gezi Park protests click here; for more photos of 1st May protests click here) Police vs PeopleGezi 02 Sezon/ 01 Part Police interventions #Taksim 31 May 2014 Police blocking access to Taksim on May 31 2014 Police waiting protesters in Iskenderun, Turkey Gezi 2013: Don’tContinue reading “PHOTO GALLERY: 1. Anniversary of Gezi Park events”

May 31th: 1st Anniversary of Gezi park events

Saturday, May 31 2014: since the early morning there is more police in the streets of Istanbul (and Ankara), than people. The clashes between police and protesters were expected in the afternoon. The boat lines between asian and european part don’t run. Access to Taksim square and Gezi park is blocked. Helicopters are overflowing theContinue reading “May 31th: 1st Anniversary of Gezi park events”

Consequences of Gezi park protests

Even though protests for preservation of Gezi park have officialy finished, some consequences can still be seen or felt today. Actually we can say that protests all over Turkey have started again yesterday, when 14 year old Berkin Elvan died after being in coma for 268. How is this boy related with protest for GeziContinue reading “Consequences of Gezi park protests”

Blog ni bil mišljen kot ”politično-aktivističen” ali kakorkoli politično usmerjen, vendar se je dogodkom iz zadnjih dni, ki so se začeli v Istanbulu, težko izogniti in jih spregledati. Tukaj objavljam še en (upam, da zadnji) članek o tem, kar se dogaja.***********************The aim of this blog has never been ”political” or activistic in any way, butContinue reading