Turkey Scholarships Applications 2019

2019 Turkey Scholarships Applications have started! The application period has started on January 15th and will continue until February 20th. The only way to apply is to visit the official page. The whole application is made online. Here is the link to the official page, where you can get all the official information and youContinue reading “Turkey Scholarships Applications 2019”

In Conversation with New Istanbulites: A Bridge Connecting Cultures and Friends

Istanbul. Take a (guide) book of this city. How many times can you find words like “bridge”, “where cultures meet” “Europe and Asia”? I bet many times. The city of Istanbul has been regarded as a bridge between Europe and Asia countless times. It indeed is a place where cultures meet and mix. A meltingContinue reading “In Conversation with New Istanbulites: A Bridge Connecting Cultures and Friends”

Turkey Scholarship Applications 2018 (Türkiye Bursları; YTB)

Dear followers, as many of you visit my blog in order to get more information about Turkey Scholarships and all the procedure related to this, I decided to share with you important announcement which was published recently from the part of Turkiye Burslari team. TÜRKİYE BURSLARI APPLICATIONS 2018 – TURKEY SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS 2018 There is an importantContinue reading “Turkey Scholarship Applications 2018 (Türkiye Bursları; YTB)”

Study in Turkey #2.1: Interview

Hi guys! Many of you asked me to write more about interview experience for Turkiye burslari /Turkey Scholarship. Here is a new post, dedicated only to interview questions. Please, write your comments to this post and share your interview experince. Don’t forget to write your country and level of studies. When I get enough comments,Continue reading “Study in Turkey #2.1: Interview”

Study in Turkey #4: Are you sure???

Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last post about Turkiye burslari. Now the winners of scholarship for 2015 are known and many of you who won the scholarship are getting ready to move to Turkey. I guess that by now most of you have signed the scholarship agreement and are waiting for aContinue reading “Study in Turkey #4: Are you sure???”

Study in Turkey #3: How to get student residence permit?

 UPDATE AUGUST 2016 Hey guys! As every year (or even every few months) some changes are made regarding the residence permit procedures, I would like to advice you to check the web page of Göç Idaresi Müdürlüğü (Directorate of Migration Management), where you can get all the infomation.  Since the procedure of getting your residenceContinue reading “Study in Turkey #3: How to get student residence permit?”

What I’ve learned about Turkey and Turkish people after living here for a year – part 1

I’ve been living in Turkey for a bit more than one year. I’ve visited country for the first time in 2009 and since then I’ve been visiting it on a regular basis, until I moved here in September 2014. I know that it’s impossible to get to know this country (of 80 million people) likeContinue reading “What I’ve learned about Turkey and Turkish people after living here for a year – part 1”

Being a Foreign Student in Istanbul, Turkey…

Being a student in a foreign country can sometimes be difficult: you need to learn a foreign language, you need to adapt to a new culture, make a new friends, etc. However, being a student in a foreign country, which is pretty different to your native country can also be fun and very educational experience.Continue reading “Being a Foreign Student in Istanbul, Turkey…”