Coffee & Co. My favourite places in Istanbul.

Turkish coffee is a famous all over the world, however, çay is probably still the most consumed hot drink in Turkey. We could say that Turks cannot survive a day without drinking tea. It forms an important part of daily rituals and Turkish culture. But the coffee culture has been conquering Istanbul lately.   Coffee shopsContinue reading “Coffee & Co. My favourite places in Istanbul.”

Don’t say you haven’t heard about it!

The smell of coffee.The smell of fresh roasted coffee.A lot of coffee.Coffee with milk.Morning coffee.Afternoon coffee.Evening coffee.6th to 9th October coffee. Yes, it’s early, but last year tickets were sold out quickly! For those of you, who missed it and for those of us who enjoyed it – save the date:6-7-8-9 October 2016, Küçükçiftlik Park,Continue reading “Don’t say you haven’t heard about it!”

Smells like coffee…

Beautiful Haydarpaşa train station. Istanbul. (Turkish) coffee. Istanbul Coffee Festival (Instagram) Well, in my two years in Turkey, I’ve been mostly drinking Turkish çay (tea)…well a lot of tea! And now it’s finally time to drink a lot of coffee. Tomorrow, October the 22nd, the second Istanbul Coffee Festival starts. Despite coffee tasting, there willContinue reading “Smells like coffee…”