Study in Turkey

Scholarship of the Republic of Turkey  UPDATE (FEBRUARY 2016) THE APPLICATIONS FOR 2016/2017 WILL START AT THE END OF FEBRUARY. In last years I benefited from different types of scholarship offered by Republic of Turkey. The Republic of Turkey every year offers different possibilities to obtain scholarship. All scholarship information can be obtained from theContinue reading “Study in Turkey”

PHOTO GALLERY: 1. Anniversary of Gezi Park events

All photos are taken from Twitter. (For more information about Gezi Park protests click here; for more photos of 1st May protests click here) Police vs PeopleGezi 02 Sezon/ 01 Part Police interventions #Taksim 31 May 2014 Police blocking access to Taksim on May 31 2014 Police waiting protesters in Iskenderun, Turkey Gezi 2013: Don’tContinue reading “PHOTO GALLERY: 1. Anniversary of Gezi Park events”

Turkish airlines: Letalske karte za 1€

Okoli Valentinovega ima Turkish airlines akcijo: 1 oseba leti po polni ceni, druga doplača le 1€. Ponudba velja za vse lete. Vsaj 1 oseba mora biti članica Miles&Smiles (osnovno članstvo je brezplačno). Več info pa na spodnji povezavi.Click the link (picture) for more info). // = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});