Istanbul low budget #2: Sightseeing for free

In the previos blog post about low budget Istanbul, I shared with you some advices which, I hope, will help you to save some money while travelling. (you can read it here) In this blog post, I would like to share with you some of the top free (or almost free) Istanbul’s attractions. Sultanahmet squareContinue reading “Istanbul low budget #2: Sightseeing for free”

Istanbul Low Budget

Istanbul is a huge city which offers many different activities, like sightseeing, shopping, eating out, parties, different tours, etc. This also means, that you can spend a lot of money, especially if you are foreigner or yabanci (yabangee). So here is a little guide how to save some money and still enjoy your visit inContinue reading “Istanbul Low Budget”

It’s not INNDIA but ISSTANBUL ;) Ok, this Inna’s song it’s quite old now, but still, I don’t know why she sings about India and has a video with Istanbul’s background?? Anyways, if you are visiting Istanbul and want to see it from Inna’s perspective, you must go to Sultanahmet, more exactly you must visit one of terraces behind SüleymaniyeContinue reading “It’s not INNDIA but ISSTANBUL ;)”

Istanbul skozi moj objektiv – Istanbul through my lens

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Hoteli in hostli v Istanbulu

Eno izmed najbolj pogostih vprašanj, ki jih dobim je koliko stane nočitev v Istanbulu in v katerem delu mesta se najbolj splača rezervirat hotel? Istanbul je ogromno mesto, zato je lokacija hotela ali hostla zelo pomembna. Če potuješ v Istanbul prvič ali drugič priporočam dve lokaciji: Sultanahmet in Taksim. Sultanahmet Modra mošeja (Sultanahmet) Meni osebnoContinue reading “Hoteli in hostli v Istanbulu”