Istanbul Tulip Festival (Emirgan park)

Some photos from the Tulip festival in Istanbul, taken in the Emirgan park. How to get there?  The Emirgan park in located in the European part of Istanbul, very close to the Bosphorus, about 15 minutes bus ride from the fortres Rumeli Feneri. You can tak bus from Kabataş or Beşiktaş – most of theContinue reading “Istanbul Tulip Festival (Emirgan park)”

April in Istanbul: Film and Tulip Festivals

What to do in Istanbul in April? Spring in finally here and so are tulips! You must not miss the Tulip Festival if you are visiting Istanbul. The month of April is also known as ”lale zamanı” (tulip time). Where can you see the tulips? The most famous spot is the Emirgan park, which isContinue reading “April in Istanbul: Film and Tulip Festivals”