Eurobasket 2017: Green, Green, jumping Green

Today the final match of Eurobasket 2017 will be played between Slovenia and Serbia. It seems that Isnabulites haven’t really noticed that they are hosting basketball championship, however, it’s a big news in Slovenia. There is no one who hasn’t heard about today’s match in Slovenia and it will be even more interesting since weContinue reading “Eurobasket 2017: Green, Green, jumping Green”

World Refugee Day – How can YOU help

A World Refugee Day is observed on June 20th every year since 2001. According to the UN statistics, every 24 minutes people leave everything behind to escape war, persecution or terror. There are approximately 21.3 million refugees in the world. To that number, we have to add about 65 million forcibly displaced people and 10Continue reading “World Refugee Day – How can YOU help”

Upcoming elections: Perfect for learning some new Turkish words

Easter is approaching and Turks won’t be playing crack the egg game (well like they have been playing it until now ;), but rather crack the referendum game. On Sunday, April 16th, 2017, Turkish constitutional referendum will take place. I am not much into the politics and since I am a foreigner I cannot vote either, however,Continue reading “Upcoming elections: Perfect for learning some new Turkish words”

Countdown… a Farewell!

All things come to an end. Also staying in Istanbul. My visit here might finish sooner as I expected, but anyways I have a few months left. I’m not saying goodbye quite yet, but I am turning to you with a question: What should one see/experience after living in Istanbul/Turkey for about 4 years?  I’veContinue reading “Countdown… a Farewell!”

Flight Tickets to Istanbul

Turkish Airlines ima ponovno akcijo letalskih kart za 102€. Pogoje nakupa si natančno preberite na njihovi spletni strani, tukaj delim samo nekaj osnovnih informacij: Turkish Airlines new offer – flight tickets for only 102€ for some european destinations, including Ljubljana! Nakup karte / purchase period: 30.01. – 19.02.2017Obdobje potovanja / Travel period: 09.02.- 30.04.2017 VečContinue reading “Flight Tickets to Istanbul”

Pray for #Turkey, pray for the #World

Sur, Diyarbakır ( V zadnjih mesecih se teroristični napadi v Turčiji kar vrstijo. Od julija 2015, ko se je zgodil samomorilski napad v pretežno kurdskem Suruçu, so oboroženi spopadi na vzhodu Turčije praktično stalnica. O spopadih med DHPK-C oziroma PKK-jem in turško vojsko tuji mediji poročajo le izjemoma, kot da se sploh nič ne dogaja.Continue reading “Pray for #Turkey, pray for the #World”

Study in Turkey

Scholarship of the Republic of Turkey  UPDATE (FEBRUARY 2016) THE APPLICATIONS FOR 2016/2017 WILL START AT THE END OF FEBRUARY. In last years I benefited from different types of scholarship offered by Republic of Turkey. The Republic of Turkey every year offers different possibilities to obtain scholarship. All scholarship information can be obtained from theContinue reading “Study in Turkey”

Turkey Time changes (Winter 2015)

( Why do it on the same day as most of the other countries? Well, because of elections, of course! Don’t forget, that Turkey will not change to winter time on October 25th, but on November 8 at 4 am. How to solve this problem? Change the time zone from +2 to +3 for twoContinue reading “Turkey Time changes (Winter 2015)”