Study in Turkey #3: How to get student residence permit?

 UPDATE AUGUST 2016 Hey guys! As every year (or even every few months) some changes are made regarding the residence permit procedures, I would like to advice you to check the web page of Göç Idaresi Müdürlüğü (Directorate of Migration Management), where you can get all the infomation.  Since the procedure of getting your residenceContinue reading “Study in Turkey #3: How to get student residence permit?”

NEW e-Visa (from 11th April 2014!)

Hi guys! Since high tourist season is about to start, this information might be interesting and useful for all of you travelling to Turkey. 11th April is the day when new visa regulations will take effect. There are new regulations regarding tourist visa, as well as residence permit, however in this post I will giveContinue reading “NEW e-Visa (from 11th April 2014!)”