January: What to do in Istanbul today

Happy 2020! I hope you had a great start in the new year. As you might have noticed, I have renewed my blog in 2019. It got a new name (Spell A World) and a new image. Most of my blog posts are about Istanbul and Turkey, however, I plan to write more about otherContinue reading “January: What to do in Istanbul today”

Day Trip: Serindere Canyon

Living in Istanbul is full of surprises. This city probably never sleeps and sometimes to follow its rythm can be exhausting. In summer time, many Istanbulites escape to nearby beaches in Kilyos, Şile or to a Princes Islands. By saying many, I actually mean MANY. Beaches, roads and ferries are often very kalabalık on theContinue reading “Day Trip: Serindere Canyon”

Countdown…..to a Farewell!

All things come to an end. Also staying in Istanbul. My visit here might finish sooner as I expected, but anyways I have a few months left. I’m not saying goodbye quite yet, but I am turning to you with a question: What should one see/experience after living in Istanbul/Turkey for about 4 years?  I’veContinue reading “Countdown…..to a Farewell!”

Another Festival for Film Lovers

pinterest.com Just one month passed, since the !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival and here it comes another film festival. The 35th Istanbul Film Festival will start on April 7th and will last for 10 days. Another great event for film lovers in Istanbul. Unlike the previous, the movies at the 35th Istanbul Film Festival willContinue reading “Another Festival for Film Lovers”

May : Month of Festivals

Spring month is here and so are the festivals! You will not be bored this month! Here are just few of them, I’m sure that there are many more festivals! ISTANBUL TANPINAR LITERATURE FESTIVAL (4th – 10th May 2015) ITEF festival starts today and will take place in Sismanoglio Megaro, KargArt , Atatürk Library, Ahmet HamdiContinue reading “May : Month of Festivals”

Istanbul Tulip Festival (Emirgan park)

Some photos from the Tulip festival in Istanbul, taken in the Emirgan park. How to get there?  The Emirgan park in located in the European part of Istanbul, very close to the Bosphorus, about 15 minutes bus ride from the fortres Rumeli Feneri. You can tak bus from Kabataş or Beşiktaş – most of theContinue reading “Istanbul Tulip Festival (Emirgan park)”

April in Istanbul: Film and Tulip Festivals

What to do in Istanbul in April? Spring in finally here and so are tulips! You must not miss the Tulip Festival if you are visiting Istanbul. The month of April is also known as ”lale zamanı” (tulip time). Where can you see the tulips? The most famous spot is the Emirgan park, which isContinue reading “April in Istanbul: Film and Tulip Festivals”

10 tips for your holidays in Istanbul

Travel around the city by boat Since I live in Istanbul, Turkey, many friends and travellers ask me many questions before their visit. Here are some of the most useful tips I can give to you: Before arrival, check if you need visa for Turkey. Some citizens do need it and most of you canContinue reading “10 tips for your holidays in Istanbul”

Prazniki v Istanbulu *Holidays in Istanbul

Nekaj utrinkov iz božično oz. praznično okrašenega Istanbula. Božič se tu uradno ne praznuje, ampak katolišča in pravoslavna cerkev organizirata številne božične koncerte in maše v različnih jezikih. Največ jih je v cerki Sv. Antona, na ulici Istiklal. Njihov praznični program je tukaj. *********December is not so jolly and festive month in Turkey since ChristmasContinue reading “Prazniki v Istanbulu *Holidays in Istanbul”