January: What to do in Istanbul today

Happy 2020! I hope you had a great start in the new year. As you might have noticed, I have renewed my blog in 2019. It got a new name (Spell A World) and a new image. Most of my blog posts are about Istanbul and Turkey, however, I plan to write more about otherContinue reading “January: What to do in Istanbul today”

Turkey Time changes (Winter 2015)

(maniacmuslim.com) Why do it on the same day as most of the other countries? Well, because of elections, of course! Don’t forget, that Turkey will not change to winter time on October 25th, but on November 8 at 4 am. How to solve this problem? Change the time zone from +2 to +3 for twoContinue reading “Turkey Time changes (Winter 2015)”