Week #30: Breakfast Universe

I would probably never had gone to brekafast to this place, if my friends didn’t invite me here. Not because it looks bad, but because I would never guess that a pub actually serves breakfast. And a huge one!

It has been a few months ago, that I have visited Kosmos in Beşiktaş. I remember that day very well because it was one of the coldest days of February and it has even snowed. (Yes, it does snow in Istanbul, we don’t have eternal summer or spring.)

Week #29: Freshly Baked Bread

Istanbul has many bakeries, however it is not always easy to find a sourdough bread. This place not only serves a sourdough bread for breakfast, but also bakes it. It is served fresh and warm…and you can even buy a loaf of bread and take it home.

Week#28: Big yet Affordable Breakfast Plate

I don’t know if it’s is to blame the free fall of the Turkish Lira or something else for the breakfast price increase. Whatever the reason, it is not very likely that the prices will go down. Luckily one can still find affordable and big breakfast plates.

Personally, I do prefer good quality ingredients, fresh vegetables, nothing fried or too oily for breakfast and possibly homemade bread or pastries. This breakfast place might have not ticked all the boxes, however, it did not include too much fried or oily food.Continue reading “Week#28: Big yet Affordable Breakfast Plate”

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Public Transport in Istanbul (and How to Reach New Istanbul Airport)

Istanbul has a very good public transport system and a smart card which can be purchased when you arrive in the city and can be used as a payment method at most of the public transport: Istanbul Kart. You can purchase it in many places around the city. The card itself costs 10 TL and then you can top it up. You can use the card to pay your metro, metrobus, bus, ferry, funicular, tramway, Marmaray, Maçka and Eyüp Cable Car rides and now also HAVAIST – a new (private) bus line which goes to the new airport.Continue reading “Public Transport in Istanbul (and How to Reach New Istanbul Airport)”

Week #27: Grandma at Barcelona

Oma, a grandma, is always a food expert, isn’t she? I have visited Grandma in Istanbul before and I was pretty happy with the breakfast she served me. This time I have visited Oma in Barcelona and I wasn’t disappointed either. And I think no one was since there was actually line in front of the bistro already before I has opened.

Oma, Barcelona
Oma Bistro is located in L’ Eixample and it offers delicious breakfasts, brunches, lunches, coffee and fresh juices.

Continue reading “Week #27: Grandma at Barcelona”

Week #26: Draw me an Elephant

Whenever I think of breakfast, Karaköy keeps on calling me. And it keeps on surprising me as well. The gentrification of the area has been developing really fast in the last few years. I don’t know if this is good or bad news for the local people, but it certainly brings variety in the local cafe and restaurant scene.Continue reading “Week #26: Draw me an Elephant”

Turkey Scholarships Applications 2019

2019 Turkey Scholarships Applications have started!

The application period has started on January 15th and will continue until February 20th. The only way to apply is to visit the official page. The whole application is made online. Here is the link to the official page, where you can get all the official information and you can also watch the video about the scholarship. (The official Türkiye Scholarship Page)
You can apply for long term programmes: undergraduate scholarship programme or a graduate one. Besides that, there are also two short term programmes: a Success Scholarship Programme (in case you already study in Turkey) and Research Scholarship Programme. You can get all the info here.

Continue reading “Turkey Scholarships Applications 2019”

Week #25: Breakfast at Coffe Shop

Çapa neighbourhood in Istanbul’s Fatih district is not among the popular breakfast destinations in the city. However, due to its relatively young population (there are 2 big Medical Faculties in the neighbourhood or very close to it, besides that, it is located between 3 universities) more and more new coffee places have been opening their doors in recent years and therefore more breakfast places to choose from. I have already mentioned one of them here and recently I have visited another one which is also located close to Çapa tram station, however not on the main street. This breakfast place is called Kahvemekan Dükkan, but besides the rich coffee menu, they also serve breakfast. If in a rush, you can choose a quick breakfast, but if you have time (and company) you might opt for serpme kahvalti, which costs only 45 TL (yeah, quite affordable these days) and comes with a whole thermos bottle of tea.Continue reading “Week #25: Breakfast at Coffe Shop”

Week #24: Affordable Breakfast at the Old City

Touristic places tend to be overpriced, but luckily you can always find some affordable places. Istanbul’s Süleymaniye neighbourhood has always been famous for its bean dish (kurufasulye) and recently more and more terrace cafes with nice Golden Horn views are being opened in the area. I have written about two of them already. One quite close to Süleymaniye mosque and the other one closer to Eminönü, on the rooftop as well.
This time, I have visited a breakfast place close to Istanbul University campus. It is located on the way which leads from Laleli to Süleymaniye mosque, just next to the aqueduct and therefore named Valens. During the week, mostly students visit it, therefore prices are affordable and service is quick.

Breakfast plate costs only 13 TL, which makes it one of the cheapest in Istanbul.

Adress: Kalenderhane Mahallesi, 16 Mart Şehitleri Cd. No:23, 34134 Fatih/İstanbul